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Kerala Body Massage Centre in Delhi

Kerala Body Massage Centre in Delhi is seeking popularity in today’s time as it is the best for of massage to reduce stress and get relieved from tension. Kerala massage can be done anywhere at home or any other place as it does not require the presence of any second person who can give help in massaging your body part. Thus, the Kerala massage in delhi is a low cost or free of cost technique if a person does not wish to spend a huge amount of money on spas and salons. Kerala massage can be done in a warm, cozy and a comfortable room with the help of little oil and soft strokes or pressure on various points of your body.

Various techniques of Kerala massage that can be used to eliminate the pain easily:
• The base of the toes can be massaged with a little amount of oil to get rid of the pain in neck and shoulder. If massaging the tip of the toe it heals the discomfort in the head area
• Neck can also be massaged firmly in the rolling motion and hands can be slided onto the shoulders in rotating way
• Massaging the stomach in a circular motion can help in improving the digestion in the body
• Slow massage with the finger pressure on various muscles helps in releasing toxins from the body. But it should be done carefully so that you do not damage any tissues of the body
• Kerala massage after the exercise will make you feel active throughout the day
• Kerala massage can be performed in order to reduce headaches by keeping the hand on the bridge of nose and above the eye sockets. This activity can be performed at least 5 to ten times
• Foot massage can also be performed in form of making eight on the sole of foot. This massage helps in relaxing and gives a balance to the emotions

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