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Facial Treatment Services in Delhi

Rose body spa has also started its services in providing facial treatment services in Delhi. facial treatment is meant for enhancing the glow and texture of the facial skin. Constant care and massage of the facial skin is necessary to keep it hydrated and lively. It is recommended to opt for facial treatment at least twice a month. The rose body spa offers pampering facial treatment with a heat pad for comfort and aloe vera cloth for soothing the eyes.

Various types of facial treatments in Delhi that leaves a soothing effect:
• Instant glow facial: this treatment offers instant fairness and glow on the skin
• Regeneration facial: this treatment is meant for rectifying the signs of aging. It uses serums and peel off masks to rejuvenate the skin
• Organic fruit facial: this treatment brightens the skin by the process of cleansing and exfoliation. In this treatment products enriched with fruit extracts are used.

• Radiance c brightening facial: this treatment consists of products rich in vitamin c to hydrate the skin and give it a glowing luster preventing the skin from sun damage.
• Detoxifying facial treatment: this treatment helps in detoxifying the skin of various toxins present in the skin. It reduces the blemishes and heals the skin Benefits of getting facial treatment done in the spa:

• The recipients get time to pamper their skin
• The recipient can relax and rejuvenate
• It moisturize the skin and removes acne
• It deep clean the skin and lubricate it
• It opens the pores of the skin and removes the dead skin from the face
• It tightens and firms the skin thus preventing the wrinkles to appear on the face
• It restores oxygen and blood circulation, pumping the skin cells with vital nutrients
• Facial treatments make a person smell good, feel refreshing, relieve stress and get peace of mind and contentment
• It also marks a full stop to the ageing process.

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