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Foot Massage Services in Delhi

Foot massage in Delhi is gaining popularity due to gain in stress, tension and workload amongst the people of various age groups. Rose body spa is offering the foot massage services in delhi a way to effectively. Foot massage can be performed with the help of olive oil, coconut oil, essential oils, lotion, cocoa butter, lanolin and many other creams that are made especially for massaging the foot. Foot massage is also effective in case of pain in lower back or hip area and relaxes the tender, tight and cramped area of the body.

There are various points of acupressure as well on the foot which when pressed can heal various ailments of the body. Foot massage improves the metabolism rate inside the body and leaves behind positive effects on the body. It helps in secretion of sweat and increases the rate of flow of blood tremendously.

There are lots of nerves in the body that ends in the sole of the foot. Hence, it can be said that our foot represents the entire body which is why it becomes important to keep on massaging the feet frequently. There are certain unusually great benefits of getting the foot massage done. These are:
• It enhances the sex life of people. A foot massage is somewhat a present to the better half of any individual as it helps to forget the disturbances they dealt with throughout the day. It is also considered as a great form of foreplay
• It improves the blood circulation in the foot that is hampered due to presence of shoes and slippers in the foot. If a 10- 15 minutes massage is given daily before going to bed it relieves from diabetes
• It also helps in reducing the injuries on foot and ankle as the massage makes it more strong and flexible
• Depression and anxiety are also reduced by the foot massage as it gives time to the person to relax
• It is noted that around 65% of the migrane and headaches are cured by the foot massage

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