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Hot Stone Massage Centre in Delhi

Another popular massage therapy performed at rose body spa is the Hot Stone Massage Centre in Delhi.our hot stone massage in Delhi is performed by using hot stones that are placed over specific parts of the body. These massage stones are flat and smooth and are places on the barrier to prevent the burns on the skin. Hot stone massage in Delhi is used to get rid of tensed muscles and are generally made up of basalt and volcanic rocks that retain heat for a longer period of time. These stones are heated between 130 degrees to 145 degrees before using on the body.

The hot stone massage is generally meant for specific body parts like the spinal cord, stomach, chest, face, palm, feet and toes. Sometimes the therapists may also make use of cold stones in hot stone massage for soothing the skin.
Benefits of hot stone massage in Delhi:
• Hot stone massage promotes sleep in the adults that are suffering from insomnia.
• It makes the person more alert and active\
• It reduces stress and anxiety. People suffer from less pain, anxiety and tension after receiving even 15 minutes of massage
• It cures the muscle tension and pain by increasing the blood flow and flexibility in the body
• It also reduces fibromyalgia which is the condition of chronic pain
• It also help reducing the symptoms of cancer from the body
• It also boosts immunity

Hot stone massage is always advisable to the people who suffers from insomnia, tension, stress and pain. Hot stone massage is never advisable to the pregnant ladies. It is always recommended to get the therapy done from the professional experts who use professional stone heater. Never use a microwave, oven, cooker or hot plate to heat the stones for the massage positive hot stone massage experience can be given only by the experts of hot stone massage. This massage is not painful, hence, if any discomfort is being observed, it means something wrong is going on.

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