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Swedish Body Massage in Delhi

The Swedish massage in Delhi is more or less like the deep tissue massage that helps in relaxing the entire body. In this type of massage hands are rubbed on the muscles in the direction similar to that of blood returning to heart. Swedish massage originated from Sweden for the soft tissues of the body. It basically involves active and passive movement on the joints.

The Swedish Body Massage in Delhi usually recommended for increasing the oxygen in blood and improving flexibility in the body. Unlike other massages, in Swedish massage the pressure is applied on the recipient’s body through hands and palms in form of tapping, kneading, bending and stretching. It is also advisable to communicate with the therapist in between the massage so that you are able to give the therapist the information on specific needs of your body. A Swedish massage usually lasts for 50 – 90 minutes and is slow and gentle.

Benefits of Swedish Massage in Delhi
• The massage is best suited for fatigue, anxiety and depression
• It also gives relief in neuro muscular disorder
• It helps in reducing scar tissues in the body
• It reduces constipation and helps in curing upset stomach
• It reduces knee arthritis
• It lowers blood pressure and reduces headaches
• It helps in relieving from chronic pains like sprained ankles and arthritis

Swedish massage in Delhi is generally performed on a soft massage table to eliminate the mental stress and increase the blood flow to remove the body. The Swedish massage is accompanied with light music and dim lights to create a peaceful ambience. It induces the release of happiness hormones for the overall well being of the person. It also kills the harmful bacteria and virus present in the body. The techniques used during the massage activate changes in the brain's chemistry, resulting in reduced stress and an improved mood.

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