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Thai Body Massage Services in Delhi

Thai massage in Delhi is more or less kind of massage that involves certain Thai principles along with some yoga postures and ayurveda techniques. Thai Body Massage Services in Delhi is one of its kind massages that does not use any oil or lotions. Thai massage is performed with the clothes put on body unlike other massages where the clients are supposed to drop off their clothes.

How Thai massage is performed?
• Thai massage is done by lying down on the mat or mattress
• It involves the constant body contact of the sender and the receiver
• Rubbing around the muscles, stretching and rocking are certain key factors of thai massage
• Loose por comfortable clothing is recommended for thai massage so that the body parts remain intact
• A number of yoga postures are created while processing the thai massage
• These postures stretches the body leaving behind a rejuvenating experience

• It also involves use of pressures on certain points of the body

Various forms of thai massage
• Ancient thai massage: this type of massage came from certain areas of Nepal and Northern India. In ancient thai massage, the expert and the client undergoes certain meditation while starting the therapy and recite a special mantra
• Traditional thai massage: this type of massage originated from Thailand. The loss of information during the Burmese- Siamese war gave rise to traditional thai massage
• Royal style thai massage: it is meant only for the royal families
• Popular style thai massage: this type of massage varies from region to region

Benefits of thai massage:
• It reduces the individual stress level
• It restores the night sleep of the person
• It induces flexibility in the body due to various yoga postures being performed in between the massage
• It reduces the stress and pain in the muscles and various injuries
• It relaxes the mind and soul of an individual
• It also lowers the chances of heart problems

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